Day: January 10, 2019

5 Elegant Ways to Layer Minimalist Jewels 

Minimalistic has its own charisma and aesthetics associated with it. They are the basic daily wear sort of accessories and are perfect for any casual day wear. In case you have to make it look different on a particular day, it can be layered keeping in mind the outfit you are wearing, and they create a whole different look.

Here are a few ways to layer your minimalist jewels so that they look elegant and it perfectly accentuates your outfit.

Mix Different Metals and Textures

This works beautifully with rings. Start with basic midi-rings and then play with different thickness rings in varied metals going from thin to thick. You can even add a finger chain bracelet. When using different metals, make sure to go from dark to light as it creates an ombré effect.

Layering with Neck Pieces

You can use rose gold necklaces, gems or geometric pendants, … Read the rest

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