5 Elegant Ways to Layer Minimalist Jewels 

Minimalistic has its own charisma and aesthetics associated with it. They are the basic daily wear sort of accessories and are perfect for any casual day wear. In case you have to make it look different on a particular day, it can be layered keeping in mind the outfit you are wearing, and they create a whole different look.

Here are a few ways to layer your minimalist jewels so that they look elegant and it perfectly accentuates your outfit.

Mix Different Metals and Textures

This works beautifully with rings. Start with basic midi-rings and then play with different thickness rings in varied metals going from thin to thick. You can even add a finger chain bracelet. When using different metals, make sure to go from dark to light as it creates an ombré effect.

Layering with Neck Pieces

You can use rose gold necklaces, gems or geometric pendants, plain chains etc. in different lengths to create a good layering. Go for a maximum of 3-4 layers of rose gold necklaces or plain chains to get the desired effect. You can either start with choker and go down with other longer chains or if you want one oversized statement necklace then pair it with 2-3 plain delicate chains to get a nice look. The idea is it should look elegant and not messy and fussy.

Remember That Less Is More

Moving on to another important accessory, which is a bracelet, you will often find ladies playing a lot with their bracelets. They are available in various shapes, materials and textures. Layering with bracelets is also the easiest of the lot, but again you should remember to make it look classy and not clumsy by going overboard. Also, only one arm should be used and not both. Depending on the look you want, you can mix and match things. For instance, in case you want to look stylish and edgy for a formal event, mix metal with leather, but if you are looking for a boho-chic vibe, go with mixing linen with beaded bracelets.

Want to Make a Subtle Statement

If you are the kind of person who loves to go for an elegant, delicate and classy look, opt for accessories embedded with semi-precious gemstones. These exquisite pieces add a pop of colour to your ensemble and that too subtly. Tiny beaded stuff in multiple colours helps in adding texture.

The Use of Negative Space

The basic thing to keep in mind while layering minimalist jewellery is the negative space. It is this space that balances out the things from looking too symmetrical or cluttered. So, if you are stacking one finger heavily, the next one should be bare to keep this negative space intact. This helps in making the layering appealing and easy on eyes. In contrast to chunky, statement pieces, minimalist jewellery is always timeless and delicate. These simple elegant pieces, when layered together, in the right manner, refine your chic ensemble and actually elevate it.