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Tips To Find The Body Shop In Augusta, GA

If you find out that you’ve received estimates from various body shops that differ so much, you’re not the only one. You might meet a body shop and be given a quote for $300, meanwhile another body shop not too far away will give you an estimate that exceeds $1,000 for the same work you need. Why is there such a huge difference, you might ask. Thanks to this article we put together for you, you’ll learn cool tips to help you pinpoint the top body shops in Augusta, GA. You’ll learn what to do to pick the best body shop, such as John Harris Body Shops.

The first thing to do to find great paint and body shops in Augusta, GA is to ask people who live in the area. Any enterprise can shell out money in order to advertise, but they must be reliable if they are to get great ratings from people. A body shop that comes with a good recommendation is one that has shown to be able to satisfy its customers.

If you want to find the best body shops in Augusta, GA, you must then go around and obtain different estimates from various shops. You must actually take your car to several auto body shops and get said repair quotes. If bringing your vehicle to the shop is not an option, pick up the phone and ask to speak to either the owner or the manager. The quote you get might not be as accurate when compared to actually taking the car to the body shop, but speaking to the manager or owner will also give you an idea regarding the shop’s customer service. After you get different estimates, ask the shops if they can match the low quotes.

To locate a competent shop, like John Harris Body Shops, you will then need to ask the right questions. Keep some key questions in your mind prior to paying a body shop a visit. Ask if the shop provides a written warranty, for example. If they say yes, ask how long the warranty is for. What is covered by this warranty? Also ask the shop if they provide fire and theft insurance.

Last but not the least, do trust your intuition. It’s vital you must also pay attention to details like how messy or tidy a shop is. A body shop that’s like a well-oiled machine, and one that offers great customer service, shows great signs.

Stick to this guide and we guarantee you’ll locate the top body shops in Augusta, GA.

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