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A Guide to Custom Pet Portraits

A custom pet portrait shall remain a special gift for anyone who receives it. This gift will be special as it reminds them of something truly special in their lives. You can have one made of a current pet, or of a loved one that died. Either way, it can be offered as a unique gift to celebrate any occasion.

It is often seen as a unique gift idea. When you commission a pet portrait as a gift, you have the option of presenting it to the intended recipient either on their birthday or during Christmas. It also makes a great gift for a housewarming celebration. You may be close to someone who loves their pet, and so you can take that opportunity to have an oil painting of their pet made.

The required photo for the painting can be of any quality. You only need to give out a simple snapshot, as long as there are not much background distractions on it. You can also have a professional photo taken and used for the painting purposes.

Many artist only need such a photo to produce an oil painting. What you need is one who has experience with photos of pets. Oil paintings on canvas can be made by a lot of artists. But you need to focus on those who can make custom pet portraits. They now how to make the portrait of the pet s lifelike as possible. This is important, since a custom pet portrait shall remain dear and near for so many years to come, to the person who is offered the painting.

These artists are also able to add some seasonal touches to the painting. If you plan to give the painting on Christmas time, they shall have the portrait reflect the occasion, through the infusion of certain items that are prevalent on the occasion. The pet itself can be painted dressed in some of those Christmas accessories, such as Santa’s hat. You need to look at the artist’s portfolio to see what kind of work they have done in the past that concerns pet portraits. You will tell if they are right for you by how you feel about their work.

A canvas oil painting is a nice way to present a timeless gift which the recipient shall cherish for a long time. It may be used as a birthday gift or on another occasion. You will feel pride having spent your money and effort to give such a cherished gift. This gift says a lot. Not just your feelings, but their feelings towards their pet.

The Key Elements of Great Portraits

The Key Elements of Great Portraits