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3 Self-Esteem Builders

It’s true, we can be our own worst critics. It’s not a great quality, but at one point or another, everyone gets down on themselves. The key is to know when it’s time to get back up. The energy we used to create those negative thoughts could be put towards creating a positive flow of energy instead. Improving the way we feel about ourselves also has to do with how well we are taking care of our mind and our bodies. By adopting some of the following tips, you should experience a definite increase in your self-esteem and likely extend positivity to others, as well.

Self care isn’t selfish.

The way we think about ourselves has a direct connection to our self-esteem. If we don’t feel confident with how we portray ourselves to the world, it can sometimes hinder the way we feel inside. Self care is defined as caring … Read the rest

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Remain Composed Amid The School Application Process

Here are some useful hints to stay composed amid the following couple of months.

  1. Get ready PC records for schools on your rundown and those of intrigue.

On these pages, understudies can spare data they get from schools and also any individual notes that they gain from visits and research. With rush essays, they can incorporate testing data and rundown suggestions they will require. Some lean toward paper records and some have both! Whatever works!

  1. Make a spreadsheet for the school list.

Incorporate all due dates, suggestions required, talk with arrangements and all client names and passwords to get to the applications on the rundown.

  1. See how your secondary school works.

Does your secondary school convey official transcripts to universities or does the understudy need to arrange them? Every secondary school is extraordinary and it is fundamental to know the arrangement for asking for proposals and what those composition … Read the rest

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The best skin care routine that you can follow in the morning – Taking care of your skin

Can you ever think of starting your day with a specific therapeutic routine which not only freshens up your skin but also brightens up your day? Don’t you think that this is one of the best ways of starting a day? It’s high time you follow the skin care routine soon after you get up from bed in the morning and prepare your skin to take on the entire world and the odds that it is going to face throughout the day.

Although you can get a host of beauty products from, yet it is better to take good care of your skin so that you don’t have to face sudden breakouts during a time when you least expect them. Here are few of the best skin care tips to check out.

#1: Start your day with cleansing oil

First things should always come first. You have to … Read the rest

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Don’t let summer take away the glow of your skin – Skin care tips

It’s that time of the year again when tea becomes less favorite and soda with lemon becomes available almost everywhere. Anything that’s synthetic will take a back seat and cotton will become a go-to fabric for this season. Umbrellas are out again to accompany you along with your sunscreen and all the suede shoes are packed off. Welcome Summer!

With summer comes a host of skin issues where oily skin will get oilier and dry skin will get patchy like never before. There are pimples and breakouts, roughness and rashes and acne which just don’t wish to go away. With few changes to your skin, you can set the mood right again. Apart from getting your skin care products from, here are few steps to take.

  • Exfoliate more for smooth and clear skin

Exfoliation or what you call scrubbing removes dull and dead skin cells to prohibit congestion … Read the rest

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Increase in E-Commerce Sales Outpaced by Online Shopping Fraud

In 2017, U.S. ecommerce sales experienced 16% growth. Unfortunately, this growth was outpaced by a 30% rise in online shopping fraud. Recent research produced by Javelin Strategy & Research has revealed that the number of identity fraud victims increased by 8% (rising to 16.7 million US consumers) in the last year.

The complexity of fraud has risen considerably, with a notable change in how these frauds are committed. For example, criminals are choosing to open more new accounts to compromise consumer’s accounts. It has also been pointed out that the adoption of EMV cards and terminals has continued to push fraud online and out of physical stores. While credit cards are still the most prevalent targets for new account fraud, new intermediary accounts like email payments (e.g. PayPal) and other internet accounts (e.g. Amazon) are being used by fraudsters more and more frequently.

The study also picked up on significant … Read the rest

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