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Many single men tend to take for granted that when they text a lonely girl she would love to hear sexy and offensive language while in fact the single girl might be more interested to know what one noticed in the first place about her so that one got interested in texting her.Flirting with a real woman physically is quite different from texting a person whom one is not looking at and whom only the text message from her might keep the conversation going. It is possible to get a woman one desires by trying to find out is she has the ideologies, dreams and other attributes which a single man wants to have in his life.

It is recommended that single men should write easy texts and tend not to ask stupid or personal questions so as to receive positive and responses from the woman. Women get bored while being online and so they prefer a man who gives her time to think about what has been texted before he can whole heatedly have the guts to answer back and continue with the conversation.Texts which go like, what you up to? Or hi, what’s up? Actually does absolutely nothing to help you get a chance to relate with the woman and instead of adding value to the conversation the woman might just block you because the text has no positive interaction.

Texting is an art which the one texting must utilize well if he intends to get a positive response from a woman. Woman may get more interested in a man who texts her if the words he uses makes her to stop doing whatever else she was dong to respond to the text you just wrote.There are some rules when texting a girl in that if you text you should first wait until she replies before you continue to bombard her with more texts because she may get confused and bored with your texts and if she does not reply you should give her a few days before doing another text.

It is easy to win a woman’s heart if you text with confidence and as well as gives the woman a chance to reply the texts you wrote.When you intend to flirt with woman you must remember that whatever was fun during the kindergarten days can become fun again and this is true with flirting over the text.It is possible to keep some sexually tension between you and the girl you are texting and being careful that the text messages to not make you look like a sore thumb.

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