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5 Tips You Can Adopt Right Now and Be Comfy and Stylish in 2017

Change is what keeps the world of fashion moving round. If you want to study the history of a society,its beliefs and values,you will not have succeeded until you have considered the fashion that went with a particular time period. They say that history repeats itself,and when it comes to fashion,what was abandoned yesterday could become tomorrow’s fad or fashion.

Fashion has been intertwined with comfort in 2017.

This is a truly golden age because we at last have succeeded to bring functionality and comfort together to give us the kind of clothing that befits an age of heightened consciousness.

There is a sense of balance in 2017,neither comfort and functionality nor style is considered more important.

In 2017,you can be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Scarves and Pashminas can add a great fashion sense to any fashion look you may conceive. You can wear a loose fitting cardigan for that chilly plane trip and a jacket without a collar for a really cool night out. When you are walking down the street,your waist will look great if you can tie your poncho onto your waist.

Wearing sweat pants in public is no longer viewed as lazy or ridiculous in 2017. You can wear a patterned top or a blazer with some bright white flat feet insoles to throw together a look that says you are simply too cool that way and don’t really need to dress up.

Sneakers have been traditionally considered gym wear but things have changed in 2017. This comfortable pair of flat feet insoles is now high fashion and your favorite celebrity might be sporting one today! Metallic colors on really cool fabrics for flat feet insoles is what you should go for when it comes to hitting the dance floor later in the evening. When it is time to walk home,you want to walk on some heels and not in your flat feet insoles.

Hoods fit in well with the current layering trend that is the rage in today’s fashion world. If you are a lady,you may find the zip-up jacket with a hood a smart choice if it pours hard but your fresh hair style isn’t messed up.

This fall,give a thought to trying out silky pajama-style pants worn with an oversized sweater;remember to choose some nice looking accessories to complete this look.

With these tips,there is no reason you shouldn’t be comfy and stylish at home and while strutting down the street.