Tips on Choosing a Beauty Clinic

The beauty industry is indeed growing rapidly so many clinics are popping up. But it is not easy to find a trusted beauty clinic, then what should we consider when choosing a beauty clinic?

The advantages in terms of equipment used, the quality of human resources or the operator that handles the care, reputation, and level of public appreciation of the beauty clinic should be considered in determining the place of care.


Any equipment used in the field of medical aesthetics must, of course, be licensed for use to the public. Do not let the hope of looking beautiful even end up a disaster. In addition to equipment safety, the clinic’s flying hours are also worth noting.

Reliable HR

In addition to the availability of competent practice doctors, there is a good beauty clinic accompanied by medical consultants who are experts in their fields.

Broad network

Beauty clinic that has a wide network shows the experience and seriousness of these clinics in the beauty industry. One of them is Foxy Face.

Good reputation

Last but not least, the positive appreciation given by the public to the beauty clinic can serve as a benchmark for you to choose a trusted place of care. Testimonials as well as positive reviews in social media and mass media can be used as your consideration, awards ever achieved by a beauty clinic also a plus. The professionalism of a beauty clinic is also reflected in the cleanliness and atmosphere of the clinic. Try looking at small things, like the cleanliness of the waiting room, dust on the sofa or the desk, or whether the doctor or nurse wear gloves when handling the patient.

Note also the products used in beauty care is a beauty product that has been guaranteed security. Like body-bleaching soaps, moisturizers, and others. Those who can provide security guarantees are the equipment that has pocketed the cap passed international clinical trials from the Ministry of Health.

Make sure the clinic is supervised by a professional doctor. because many therapists who do not have the educational background in the world of medicine. Should choose a beauty clinic under the auspices of a beauty doctor who is a graduate of the medical faculty is undoubtedly his credibility. We also need to be sure that the doctor is always present at the clinic whenever the maintenance procedure is performed, as specialist skin specialists should receive additional training in beauty treatments such as filler, laser therapy, blade surgery, and other medical cosmetic procedures.

It’s a good idea to check if the accreditation of Skin and Beauty Specialist or other training certificate is installed in the clinic. In addition, ask your physician who will provide care for the certification. If you can, ask for recommendations from patients who have been clients.

Determine the style of care that suits your needs. try occasionally try more than one other treatment product but concentrate on the care you need only.