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Searching for an SBA Loan Default Attorney Are you in legal trouble due to an SBA loan default? You may need an attorney, but finding the right one can be quite intimidating. And knowing where to begin is often the most difficult part. There are so many lawyers these days for one, all of them unique from one another. As doctors and other pros, attorneys specialize in specific areas too. And they have different track records of success with the cases they’ve handled in the past. So what indeed is the best way to start your search? We mentioned about specializations earlier that is where you should focus on first. And since your problem concerns an SBA loan default, you should hire a lawyer whose career is focused on consumer defense cases such as debt relief. You can approach your local and state bar associations and ask for a list of attorneys who are practicing in your area. In some larger cities, there may even be clinics where you are allowed to talk about your case with the lawyers and not pay anything. You can also inquire from these associations whether the lawyer you’re eyeing has had some disciplinary actions imposed on them before. Debt relief attorneys are known to give hefty discounts – even up to 100%! – and may not mind having a meeting on the phone. The best you can do is present your case complete with all the details. The lawyer will then make appropriate plans based on such details. Lastly, right on your first meeting, be sure to ask what exact services can be provided and how much your costs will be. Surprises are probably the last thing you’ll appreciate when you’re dealing with a scenario like this.