3 Helpful Tips For Beginners in Choosing The Right Hair Extensions

Hair is an image of one’s identity and personality and to have beautiful and healthy hair instantly enhances our look and confidence. We cannot deny that the hair is also one of the most valuable assets of a woman and more often than not,  having long, thick and shiny hair is envy for everyone. That also means that a bad hair day usually ends up being a bad day overall, just like when you experience a haircut that gone wrong or a terrible decision when choosing your hair color.

Some women are genetically gifted with precious locks, but most are not gifted at all and for those who aren’t, hair extension is becoming a popular alternative. In Australia, Hair extensions Sydney are making its way in solving every Aussie girl’s hair problems, and if you are also interested in getting hair extensions, these three helpful tips can surely help you out to select the perfect hair extensions for you.

Choosing the right hairtype

When buying hair extensions, you have two options on what kind of hair material would the extensions be made of- Synthetic and real human hair.  Starting with synthetic extensions, these are usually made of plastic or keratin that imitates the look and feel of a real human hair. This type of hair extensions is prevalent due to its affordability and availability. However, the downside for these fake locks is it usually lacks versatility since it cannot be styled. The color of the synthetic extensions are typically permanent and it is highly recommended not to put it under heat since will damage the extensions, thus perming, and styling will be limited.

Human hair extensions are made from real human hair, and a 100% Remy hair gives the best natural look for hair extensions. A real human hair can easily be styled like blow-drying, perming and you are also free to change its color. With proper care, this type of hair extension material even lasts longer than its synthetic counterpart simply because its made from real human hair. A common reason why human hair extensions seem to be underrated is that of its pricey image and where to get it. The good thing is you can get great deals online with human hair extensions Melbourne.

Ideal Hair Colour

Color gives life to everything, and this goes the same to human hair. It makes a statement and reflects your emotions. Thus, it is essential to choose a color that fits not only your complexion but also your personality. Hair color also makes your hair look stunning and full of life, and proves to add depth and toning to your hair that makes it look unique and classy. Make sure to select the right color when buying your hair extensions, especially if you are eyeing on the synthetic ones since you don’t want to end up picking the wrong one. This also goes for a real human hair extension, yes, you can color them but choosing the wrong shade can be stressful since you don’t want to bleach a black hair into blonde. Remember too much use of chemicals will damage your beloved extensions.

Consider the applicationmethod

Are you looking for a permanent hair extension or something to just try on like clip in hair extensions ? Make sure to consider the application method of your new hair extension, since it should fit your lifestyle. If you are still undecided on what type of hair extension to use, try doing a little research or asking recommendations from your trusted stylist.  Usually, seeking a professional help is the best thing to do if you are new with hair extensions.  These are handy tips for new hair extensions user or for those who are still planning to get one. Your choice may depend on your budget, time and need but one thing is for sure, what really matters is how you take good care of your extensions.