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Having an Electronic Health Record System is of Great Importance

The use of computers in the society today is widespread and have simplified life and even making it easier and accurate. Hospitals have made things easy too with the use of computers such that the use of books and pens in keeping records have been eliminated. A lot of lives can be saved now that the records of the patients can be retrieved within no time and right medication administered.

The use of computers has made it easy to go through the illness history for different patients hence helps in giving them the best medication. Doctors can know the past illnesses of the patient, lab results and the kind of medication that was made for the patients.

The health sector have witnessed a lot of benefits with the use of computers in keeping there records. The patient’s documents that states their health history has been well kept with the use of computers and made them more accessible when need. There will limited issues of not being able to clearly read the writings made by someone else when the computers are used since it enhance high clarity of information.

The use of electronic health record system has played an important role in reducing the medication cost. The easily accessed health information for different patients, the doctors will not take a lot of time trying to know what the patients is suffering from now that the records states his/her health history hence given necessary medication within no time reducing the time one uses the hospital resources which might have costed allot of money. With the use of computers, there is a better storage of information and reduced case of records missing. A lot of information can be stored in the computers unlike when books are used hence increase the level of efficiency.

Going back to check on the health history of the patient can be very easy and saves on time if they were stored in a computer unlike in books. The use of computers does not need a lot of personnel to keep and retrieve information regarding the patients hence it allows for increased number of resources to be used in the hospitals.

Due to the increased number of resources in hospitals the healthcare given to patients has improved and more lives saved. As soon as the sick person is in the hospital, he/she can be attended to as fast as possible since the health records are made available. Due to the easy access to the information necessary for the doctor to give the correct medication, a lot of people have been in a position to recover from different kinds of illnesses hence lots of lives saved.

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