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Advantages Of Aeration On Soils

Aeration is mostly done using manual or mechanized equipment’s and tools which removes cores in the soil or changes the packing of soil particles, this improves perforations through the soils which enhances better penetration of water, air and nutrients in the soil.

Fertilizers are natural or synthetic materials added to the soil, plants or part of the plant which improves the growth, fertilization and yielding of the plants, this is achieved by either the fertilizers providing nutrients or enhancing effectiveness of the soil to aerate or increase its water retention.

Maximum production of yield is achieved through supplying enough nutrients in the soil, improving aeration in the soil and water retention and is aeration can be done by adjustment of soil composition.

There are different types of fertilizers with different functions when applied; fertilizers provide various proportions in the soil like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients,nitrogen gives the leaf growth; phosphorus helps in fruit, flower and root development while potassium gives strong growth, enables water movement and promotes flowering.

Fertilizers are used commonly for growing all crops with application rates depending on some important factors which include the type of plant and also fertility of the soils; some plants do not need nutrients because they can naturally make for themselves like legumes which make their nitrogen.

Aeration keeps circulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide steady making it better for the plants growth as accumulation of this carbon dioxide retards growth and if it exceeds, the crop may die.

Fertilizers improve microorganism population activity in the soil as they require oxygen for survival in the soil and the deficiency of oxygen in the soils slows down the rate of these microbial activity leading to either drying up of crops.

Gases like carbon dioxide ,hydrogen sulphide gases and ferrous oxides are very toxic to the microorganism and if they mount on the crop might end up killing both of them or affecting flowering.
Crops need fertilizers for faster seed development and even the green color for photosynthesis which determines the type of yields the plant will give.

Strengthening of straws and stalks by nutrients like potassium will help the plants to hold water in cases of drought or lack of water to the plants.

Fertilizers improve soils fertility and texture which boots crop growth and this is best done by natural ones like manure which eradicate soil problems as they are non-toxic

Fertilizers give farms a long-lasting ability to yield and produce well as one application might run for a longer period boosting yields even for more than one season. Manures are the best as they are natural.

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