A Guide to Styling Products for Men

The way one styles their hair is almost as important as what they wear. In the case of men hair styling depends on a variety of factors, individual choices, hair types, and trends. It can be very confusing, especially if you have no idea what you are doing. At its core a hair style is all about personality, namely your personality, and you have to go with the style that best fits you. There are a host of products out there that can not only help you with your hair styling needs but can also improve the health of your hair as well.


These basically lock your hair in place so that it does not lose its shape. Fixatives are very useful to keep your hair style intact throughout the day. The two types of fixatives are gels and hairspray. Gels are water based and provide a wet look. Hairspray is a finishing product that freezes your hair in place. A wide variety of both are available on store shelves and there is a difference between them. This difference is your hair. Different types of hair require different types of fixatives. If you have lighter hair you need a lighter product, and if your hair is coarser you need a heavier product.


Pliable aid in the styling of your hair. It allows your hair to be molded into whatever style you want. Even the most troublesome hair can be tamed with a good pliable. As with fixative there is a wide variety of them. First off is pomades, which like gels give you a wet and shiny look. Pomades are a good choice for shorter hair. Waxes are a petroleum based pliable that provide a more aggressive effect for difficult hair. This is the stuff to use when you have think hair. Muds, fibers, and clays are the most aggressive pliable. These are used for maximum control and are necessary in complex hair styles like “bed head”. Creams and Pasts are good for lighter fare. They are made of a soft wax and are very useful for fine hair. Chaptr Hair is a one such brand of cream.


Remember that the type of product you use depends mostly on your hair. So, do some homework. A cream or pomade pliable will not perform as well for thicker hair. Same can be said of a light gel. Thicker hair requires heavier ingredients to hold it in place. Lighter hair can be adversely affected by heavier products. If you have light or fine hair the need to use lighter creams and pomades is necessary. This not only takes care of your hair but allows it to perform at its best. Many of these products also carry benefits for your hair as well. They will keep it healthy and strong. The products should never be left in your hair overnight. They should be regularly washed out so there is no damage to pores or follicles.