All New: Cute Dark Purple Hair Colour Ideas for You

Learning how to appropriately rock in dark purple hair is not a rocket science. In this era where manmade hair colours have become the norm, sometimes pastel or bright colours may not be what you need. You will want to break this norm and go for something new and more interesting.

At this juncture, you may preferably want to go for a bold hue that is sultry and dark, but also the one that appears complicated and regal. Well, you are undoubtedly left with dark purple hair colour as the only choice to go for. This beautiful shade is suitable for both cool and warm skin tones.

  1. Rich Dark Eggplant

This dark purple hairstyle is sumptuous. It can be worn the same way you would wear black or dark brown hair. It looks amazing on women with medium to dark skin tones. It gives them a rich glow on their skin.

  1. Layered Purple and Magenta

To achieve this, mix magenta with dark purple hues around your face to get a maximum effect on your hair colour.

  1. Purple Ombre Curls

Use dark purple hair Ombre to enhance a tint of shade on your natural curls. The dark colour in this purple is sufficient to make the hair look nice and subtle against the black base of the natural hair. However, the warm notes are crucial in bringing out the warmth in the tan skin.

  1. Dark Dusty Mauve

Embrace this dark and dusty shade of mauve that is lighter as you approach the trimmings of the length of the hair. It is a beautiful dark purple hair to try this year.

  1. Dark Purplish Pink

This warm and dark hair colour is ideal for women who are incapable of deciding between a purple and a pink style. The light colours are more on the outer layer. It is an excellent dark purple style that will make your hair look thicker.

To make it more appealing and warm, add some ribbons of copper throughout to perfectly frame the face.

  1. Smoky Purple Colour Melt

This is one of a highly complicated way to wear a purple hair. This tone appears cool against warm complexions and is mixed against dark base using a faultless shade melt technique.

  1. Warm Purple Ombre

Probably you need a purple complement to your naturally grown black hair. Well, this purple Ombre should be first on your preference list. On mid-length and extended bobs, this warm purple Ombre can blend your warm skin tone in an extraordinary manner.

  1. Purple on Purple Balayage

What about this purple on purple colour combination? It is a simple style with a thick base shade that’s almost blackened. The balayage highlights are however light.