Choosing the Right Metal for Your Custom Engagement Ring

Selecting the stones for your rings is important, but so is choosing the materials for your ring band!

Different types of metals can be suitable for a different stone colour or ring design, so you should take a look at the selection of metals that you can choose from for your own custom ring.


Platinum is among the strongest metal selections that you can have for your jewellery. Over
time, your platinum ring band will develop a patina – a satin-like sheen on the surface resulting from daily wear and scratches.

You can quickly restore your ring to its initial shine and reflectiveness at a jeweller.

Yellow Gold

Due to how natural gold has a yellow-ish sheen, yellow gold is the most natural gold that there is.

These gold bands do not corrode or rust, so you can count on them to still be as beautiful even decades later. You can alloy yellow gold with silver and copper to produce different colours.

White Gold

White gold can appear similar to platinum, but it costs much less. Usually, white gold is alloyed with silver, nickel, zinc and palladium before it is plated with rhodium to provide it with a whiter colour.

Over time, your white gold ring can return to a slightly yellower shade, but you can restore the white colour by replating it.

Rose Gold

Produced by alloying gold with alloy copper, the pinkish hue exudes an air of romance, love and warmth.

The pink colours can be adjusted based on how much copper alloy is mixed into the gold colour. Its hues are popular among married couples due to how the colours complement various skin tones.


Silver is one of the most affordable precious metals that you can get in the market today. It can sport either a bright, shiny white-grey tone or a matte, flatter colour of the same hues.

Silver is considered to be a softer metal compared to others in this list, making it prone to scratches and marks if you are not careful.


Palladium is known as one of the best hypoallergenic options and is suitable for most individuals.

It looks similar to platinum, but the colours are darker and greyer in comparison. It is also lighter than your typical platinum or gold rings, giving less burden to your fingers.


Titanium bands do not tarnish easily. They are extremely hardy and strong but can be difficult to shape due to the same reason.

This material is often used in surgical procedures since your body does not reject titanium, so titanium rings are the best way to go if you are worried about your allergies or if you have sensitive skin.


Tungsten rings feature an attractive mirror-like finish and strong composition. These rings are impervious to most scratches and markings, but they can also be brittle.

This type of metal cannot be engraved conventionally, but you can engrave any patterns you’d like by using laser engraving methods.


Stainless steel rings are not as white as platinum or silver, but they do have a whiter appearance compared to titanium.

It is an affordable option for most of us, but they can be prone to wear and tear damage within just a few weeks or months if you are not careful about taking care of your rings.

Image Pixabay CC0 License