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Why you Should Watch The Passion of the Christ Movie

The Mel Gibson’s movie was first criticized by distractors and critics, painting it with a lot of dirty words. As for the Christian community and many free thinkers, the movie deserves no criticism.

The filming of the movie was done in Aramaic, though with English subtitles. With this language, it enhances how one enjoys this movie, since that creates emotional auras of mystery and sacredness to the subject. Some people may think that subtitle’s will distract one as he/she watch the movie, but the truth is, that won’t since most people are vaguely familiar with the story-line. Such may even make you more attentive as you watch the images displaying on your screen, and time after time, you will get amplified events.

This film combine the four accounts of the New Testament Gospels to develop the most vivid and powerful show of all the events that took place before and after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is important to note that children should not watch the movie at all even if most evangelical Christians advice everybody to. Often in the film, passion is decorated with more violence, making the passion violent. It is crucial that children who are 16 and 17 years should get to know what the film entails before they can watch it.

On the onset of the film, we meet Jesus Christ (James Caviezel) at the Gethsemane garden praying that His Father the King should take Him through the misfortunes about to face Him. One can see a satanic figure in the shadows casting a lot of doubts and temptations. This figure says that no man can bear all the sins of the world, something that is impossible. When this fail to work, we see Judas coming and selling him to the Temple guards.

After he is capture, he is taken to face the high priest while in chains. Jesus answers the questions of the leading priest and Pharisees and he told them that he is the promised Messiah. This led to his mocking, hitting and spitting on him. There being a judge call Pilate, they take him to him hoping that he was going to be killed there.

Though Pilate finds no fault in him, he had him hit with a whip. This was an opening of a lack of empathy page, where Jesus is brutally beaten. This will continue and if you can make it through these scenes, crucifixion will not be much.

Flashback used in the movie is amazing, how Jesus was a toddler and all the happenings then. overall, the film is rank one of the greatest ever made. The film illustrates and reviews that Jesus is the Biblical Messiah and if you believe that, then you will understand the passion of God.

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