List of Traveling Equipment You Must Bring

Usually, what is brought on vacation? Travel equipment for each person can be different, adjusting to their individual needs, of course. But, basically there are some holiday equipment that we have to carry. Preparation of standard holiday equipment such as bags, suitcases, or backpacks to carry goods, Toiletry Bag, clothing, and the like we certainly have prepared. No need to explain, surely we can already separate and choose for ourselves as needed.

Well besides the standard equipment above, there are some traveling equipment that are quite useful. It’s simple, but it’s pretty helpful right now.

Travel Organizer Bag

Sometimes when taking one vacation kit from inside the bag, the edges make our bags mess. The impression is, so it takes time to look for other items.

Well, a travel bag organizer can make our luggage more organized, easier to find and use. In addition, making the packing process easier too. We only need to store items according to the type in special bags. Backpacks or luggage can also be more relieved.

Dry bag

Dry bags are useful for storing electronic items such as smartphones, cameras, drugs, or clothes when you are adventurous.

When on vacation, of course we will save a backpack at an inn or hotel, and carry a small bag / backpack when visiting tourist attractions. Now this dry bag can help secure your belongings. Especially during the rainy season, and when you visit adventure tourism spots such as waterfalls, cave trails, rafting, and so on.

Quick Dry Towel / Travel Towel Quickly Dry

Quick dry towels are usually used when we are gymnastics, or exercise. Besides that, it’s really useful when we are on vacation or camping. Usually we have got towels at the inn or hotel. But it’s also a good idea to bring your own towel just in case.

Quick dry towel or quick dry towel is usually made of microfiber, easier to absorb water, and dry faster than ordinary towels. Surely this will help; You don’t need to hang out long enough to be able to use this towel again.

Complete Pillow Pillow

In order to be able to rest and sleep more comfortably while on the road, it’s a good idea to bring a traveling pillow or portable sleeping pillow (usually in the form of a U). This is enough to help you sleep on a plane, bus or train.

The price is very cheap now, and usually one package with eye patch and earplugs.

Toiletries / Toiletry Bags

One of the traveling equipment for women or men who must be taken. The toiletries you will bring to the toilet / bathroom. Therefore, choose the type of toiletries bag that is waterproof / waterproof.

Toiletry bags are quite important, at least you can’t make your suitcase or backpack free from stains of soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

Things You Don’t Need to Bring

Sometimes when on vacation, we like to bring a lot of things that really aren’t needed. It’s a good idea to think again if you want to bring things below:


Except if while working, the laptop is most likely you will not use while on vacation.

If you only want to browse, edit photos / simple movies, or enjoy entertainment, now from a smartphone it’s also enough.

Camera Equipment

Sometimes during holidays we like to bring lots of camera lenses or tripods / monopods. Initially I thought that later it would be used according to conditions, in fact it was often not used at all. Just bring one or two multi-use lenses.

Except indeed if your vacation aims while taking photo hunting.

Drinking bottles

You can easily buy drinking water on the road or at tourist attractions later. Unless you are going to be camping, new drinking bottles are useful.

At home, you can fill drinking water and wash bottles easily. At the next tourist spot, this is quite difficult. It would be more practical if you buy bottled drinks straight away. Hopefully some of the traveling equipment above can help your vacation become more enjoyable. Have a good vacation!