Most Popular Patches for Jackets

Most popular patches for jackets

Patches are great accessories for your clothing that can express your personality. High fashion companies returned patches to the market. They made a boom in the industry and every person that is into fashion must have an article with a beautiful patch design. Back in the day when patches were invented, they were used to seal the holes in damaged clothes but now we can see that they represent high fashion statement. We are going to cover some of the most popular patches for jackets out there.

Red rose patch/floral design

When it comes to traditional patches, the red rose is the one of the most popular. Many high fashion companies use this pattern for their clothing. It is a classic red rose with few green leaves with a branch. Floral patches were used in Hippie movement and were part of many types of traditional clothing in the past. Nowadays they are still popular, more than ever.

American flag

American flag patch was primarily used for military uniforms but since then they extended to be produced for a wide variety of people. Even if it’s an American flag it is very popular in other countries too. Some people used them just because of patriotism, but many choose this patch for its appealing design. The patches have the best patches that you may like to have in your fashion style.

Rolling stones patch

Rolling Stones were an English rock group formed in 1962. Their popularity rose all over the world, becoming one of the best rock bands. Even if 50 years have passed from their start, the logo of their group is still popular. Maybe Rolling Stone patch kept its glory because of its provocative design and rebellion message that it is sending. The famous logo of the group “Tongue and Lip” was designed by John Pasche. It is full red with the tongue sticking out of its mouth. If you want to learn more about the bad and logo behind it, you can check it out here.


Eyeball patch

Eyeball design is very popular among the younger generation. Someone likes it just because of the beautiful and eye-catching design but many youngsters associate it with something else. All seeing eye was always the logo of Illuminati, and this patch can refer to that it depends on the viewer. The eyeball patch usually has bright blue color with lashes. Illuminati represent the strongest secret group in the world, so having a patch like this is desirable among many people.

Tiger patch

One of the most popular fashion labels in the world is Gucci. When patches came back to the fashion industry, Gucci took the chance and made their own line of clothing. The most recognized patch from Gucci is a tiger head roaring. Bright yellow, white, and red colors are used with a black outline for this handmade design. From the start, it was the favorite patch designs among many stars. We can see some combinations of jackets with a tiger and floral design.

Snake patch

Animal patches had a big impact on the market, related to Gucci’s tiger design they also have a snake design which is equally desired. The snake patch is made of a red snake with white and black stripes. One of the most popular football players Paul Pogba has made his hairstyle in the shape of this snake design.

Meme related patches

Memes are images, videos, pieces of text that are usually humorous, which are spread through the internet virally. Many of them become very famous. To learn more about memes, click here. People are starting to make clothing with the memes they love. Being such a popular thing, they implemented them into patches. From Pepe the frog to Uganda knuckles, every meme patch is popular to use. There are many types of Pepe the frog patches, one of them is happy Pepe, which is often used when an individual is satisfied. There is sad Pepe, used to express sadness o disappointment. Then there is the most famous Smug Pepe, often used when something sinister or malicious is occurring. There is Pepe patch for every personality, so you can adapt to your mood.