Top 3 Fashion Choices for this Year’s Company Christmas Party

Picking the right attire for a company party is never an easy task. On the one hand, you want to express yourself in a way that isn’t austere and strictly corporate, but on the other, your managers and co-workers aren’t really a crowd you go and party with. Today we’d like to present our top 3 outfit choices that will make you look stylish without showing too much leg or skin and making people uncomfortable. These options can also be low-cost if your goal is to go frugal this year, and they complement any shape by accentuating the good parts and hiding the ones us BBW singles aren’t particularly fond of.

1.    Chiffon Dress with Tall Boots

A mid-length chiffon dress that is incredibly breezy and romantic is something your co-workers have likely never seen you in. They’re used to your sharp-looking blazers and perfectly tailored pants, and a chiffon dress will present you in a totally new light that isn’t corporate without making you look unprofessional. You’ll show another side of your personality that is laid back and comfortable with where your career is right now that you don’t have to wear power suits to exude a strong sense of confidence. Pair with tall leather boots and a party blazer (optional), and don’t forget a small purse or a clutch to complete the look.

2.    High-waisted Trousers and White Silk Blouse

A pair of high-waisted tweed trousers that accentuate your figure, and a white silk blouse tucked into them is a more corporate choice of an outfit than a chiffon dress but with a sexy twist. You can opt to wear flat metallic Oxford shoes with those trousers or go for thin heels or boots, but only if the trousers are wider and longer. Tucking your pants into your boots for any kind of party, corporate included, is not a good idea. You can do a semi-sheer silk white blouse and a chunky necklace as your statement piece. This is an excellent choice if you feel more comfortable in pants rather than in a dress around your co-workers.

3.    Glittery Dress with Booties

Nothing says Christmas season like a sparkly dress! If you’re headed for a fancy work affair, how about a gold sparkly dress with a pair of velvety smooth booties topped off with a cream clutch? You won’t need any jewelry other than a cute pair of earrings and yet you’ll look perfectly put together for a party. Keep in mind a sparkly dress is usually a cocktail dress so just make sure it’s not too short for work people. Other than that, this is a standout, tasteful party look that will not go unnoticed. If you’re not a fan of gold, you can always do black, but in that case, make sure your shoes really stand out and become the talk of the party for all the right reasons!