Top 4 Men-Approved Fall Fashions

Cowboy fashion is back for fall 2018, and if you’re interested in cowboy singles, rest assured you’ll catch their eye if you sport a western skirt or a pair of cowboy boots.  Although the most influential fashion editors from around the globe agree that the western style is back, unless you have cowboys on your mind it’s best to check out our top 4 universal men-approved fashions that guarantee you’ll get the right kind of attention.

1.    Animal Print

Although lots of girls with the eye for fashion and design will say they find animal print kind of tacky, men simply find it irresistible. When done right, animal print can look rather sophisticated, but cheap articles of clothing can make it look kind of trashy. This season, animal print can be seen on wool coats and skinny high-waisted pants, and no, you don’t have to break the bank and go for an haute-couture piece to look sexy, but keep in mind that the sharper the style and fabric of your article of clothing, the better you’ll look and feel in animal print.

2.    Plaid Everything

Plaid, checks or tartan are everywhere this fall, from coats and jackets to short skirts and even purses. Even though most men wouldn’t necessarily call plaid attractive, there is something about a waist-hugging plaid shirt or an hour-glass shaped blazer that makes their imagination run wild. When it comes to fabrics or prints that aren’t generally considered sexy, like silk or lace, think sassy shapes when doing plaid if you want to stay trendy this fall and still look attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex, and this especially goes for shapeless boxy jackets or dresses that are in every storefront across the globe.

3.    Leather Bottoms

The most dominant of all fabrics this fall is definitely leather, and guys couldn’t be happier about it! Pants, skirts, and even coats, leather pieces come in all sorts of colors to satisfy even the most demanding fashionistas out there! If you’re not feeling particularly brave to wear a petrol green leather coat, a black one will turn more than a few heads for all the right reasons so feel free to avoid any experiments. You can wear a mini black leather skirt or a pair of leather trousers all fall and winter long, and they can be your go-to pieces for many occasions, depending on the footwear you opt for. Don’t forget a pair of stylish pantyhose or tights to break up all the leather if you go for leather shoes or boots.

4.    Brown is the New Black

Earthy, caramel and terracotta hues were seen on every runway from New York to Tokyo, and absolutely every possible fall item of clothing now comes in a shade of brown. Opt for a brown dress, skirt, shirt or trousers and turn them into the sexiest of cozy items with a few simple tricks. Sporting a slashed neckline or sheer shirts or skirts is the easiest way to take your fall brown layers of clothing to a whole new level, and look just as sexy or seriously sophisticated as if you were wearing black lace.