10 Things Should You Pay Attention To When Buying a Wig?

10 Things Should You Pay Attention To When Buying a Wig?


Wigs are no longer an accessory that few people use today. When you want to try a new hairstyle without changing your natural hair, a wig is your best help. So, what should we pay attention to before buying a wig? This article lists 10 valuable answers to this question.

1. The raw material of the wig is very important

The raw material of the wig will directly affect the service life of the wig. I mean, the material of the wig hair determines how long the wig will last and the experience of using it. At present, the raw materials of wigs can be divided into three types: human hair wigs, animal hair wigs, and chemical fiber hair. Human hair wigs are the most expensive, but also the most natural and comfortable wigs. Animal hair wigs are rough to the touch and obviously don’t feel like human hair. Synthetic fiber wigs are the cheapest, but have a short lifespan and are prone to warping and frizz.

If you only need to use wigs in the short term, then you can try synthetic hair wigs. If you need to buy a long time use, say a year or so, then you should buy a human hair wig.

2. The size of the wig cap is very important

The size of the wig cap will determine whether you can wear the wig comfortably. If you choose the wrong head circumference, you may not be able to wear the wig at all (too loose or too tight). Therefore, before buying a wig, I recommend measuring your head circumference. The specific measurement method can be

3. Is the wig easy to manage?

Before buying a wig, you should confirm whether the wig you purchased is easy to care for. Generally speaking, buying straight hair wigs will be easier to maintain than buying curly hair wigs. For example, buying bob wigs are a great option. Bob wig is a type of short straight wig that looks very nice and supple. Best of all, it’s very easy to care for.

4. Pay attention to distinguish the types of curly wigs

Curly wigs are one of the most glamorous wigs for women. But it’s important to note that curly wigs come in many different styles. For example, deep wave wig and water wave wig are completely different. Although they all look curly, they feel completely different after wearing them. The volume of the deep wave wig will be smaller than that of the water wave wig. If you’re looking to buy more fun curly wigs, then you should try wet and wavy wigs. Wet and wavy wig allows you to straighten it and return to curls after exposure to water.

5. Does the wig need glue to assist in the installation?

Lace wigs generally require glue-assisted installation. If you are new to wigs, then you may experience a huge frustration when installing a lace wig. Therefore, I suggest that wig newbies should not buy lace wigs with too large lace area. Glueless wig would be a better choice

6. Be wary of cheap wigs

Human hair wigs are very precious. This is because the raw materials for human hair wigs are donated by volunteers. This is why the raw material production of human hair wigs is very limited. Therefore, too cheap wigs may have quality problems. in addition, Wigs that are too cheap can also be at risk of fraud.

7. Be wary of unknown wigs

Well-known wigs have more customers and their products are more trustworthy. I’m not saying that anonymous wigs are bad. I know all the big brand wigs developed from unknown wigs. But as a consumer, I recommend that you buy wigs from well-known brands. This is because wigs from big brands tend to pay more attention to after-sales service for consumers.

8. It might be helpful to watch the unboxing review before buying

When you can’t confirm the quality of the wig with your own hands and eyes, watching other people’s review videos may be a good choice. You can search for related videos on youtube or tiktok to confirm the quality of the wig (pay attention to the feedback in the comment area)

9. Afterpay wig will reduce your financial burden

Some high-quality wig suppliers will provide afterpay wig services. You can buy wigs by instalments with 0 interest rate. This reduces your financial burden and makes it easier for you to enjoy wigs.

10. Online wigs are generally cheaper than offline wigs

Are wigs purchased offline necessarily better quality? Are wigs purchased online necessarily of poor quality? In fact, online wigs tend to be cheaper because of the savings in store rent and labor costs. But that doesn’t mean the quality of online wigs is bad. You can definitely buy better quality wigs online at a lower price.

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