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5 Elegant Ways to Layer Minimalist Jewels 

Minimalistic has its own charisma and aesthetics associated with it. They are the basic daily wear sort of accessories and are perfect for any casual day wear. In case you have to make it look different on a particular day, it can be layered keeping in mind the outfit you are wearing, and they create a whole different look.

Here are a few ways to layer your minimalist jewels so that they look elegant and it perfectly accentuates your outfit.

Mix Different Metals and Textures

This works beautifully with rings. Start with basic midi-rings and then play with different thickness rings in varied metals going from thin to thick. You can even add a finger chain bracelet. When using different metals, make sure to go from dark to light as it creates an ombré effect.

Layering with Neck Pieces

You can use rose gold necklaces, gems or geometric pendants, … Read the rest

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Pen And Ink Critiques

Probably the first bit of LuLaRoe attire any woman purchases are LuLaRoe Leggings! I was so excited to do one thing for me. One thing I knew I would be great at, and assist other ladies really feel better of their garments consequently. And by negativity, I imply you are not allowed to ask if anybody had heard a timeline for when LuLaRoe will stop charging unlawful sales tax on all gross sales processed through their very own cost processing system, known as Audrey.

I had been planning to do this assessment for a very long time, however by no means bought round to do it. Nicely, I recently purchased a brand new fountain pen, and decided now was a very good time since I needed to test it out with a new ink I simply purchased additionally.

You do not get to onboard because we dialed the unsuitable quantity, … Read the rest

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What You Should Know About Starting a Fashion Line

Haven’t we all dreamt of having our own clothing line? We all have very unique fashion styles. We all have our own idea of what would look good on a t-shirt or luxury ties or hat. But the fashion industry is more than just expressing one’s creative juices. This is a very challenging and hard industry to break into. Too many times too many people find out the hard way that the fashion industry is no joke. But if you are passionate, hardworking and determined to make a name for yourself by launching your own line of fashion designs, check below with our list of tips to get you started.

First and foremost, one important part of any business, especially a fashion business, is being different. The fashion industry is overcrowded with many brands and new startups coming into the marketplace daily. Having designs, materials and branding that sets … Read the rest

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Top 4 Men-Approved Fall Fashions

Cowboy fashion is back for fall 2018, and if you’re interested in cowboy singles, rest assured you’ll catch their eye if you sport a western skirt or a pair of cowboy boots.  Although the most influential fashion editors from around the globe agree that the western style is back, unless you have cowboys on your mind it’s best to check out our top 4 universal men-approved fashions that guarantee you’ll get the right kind of attention.

1.    Animal Print

Although lots of girls with the eye for fashion and design will say they find animal print kind of tacky, men simply find it irresistible. When done right, animal print can look rather sophisticated, but cheap articles of clothing can make it look kind of trashy. This season, animal print can be seen on wool coats and skinny high-waisted pants, and no, you don’t have to break the bank and … Read the rest

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Top 3 Fashion Choices for this Year’s Company Christmas Party

Picking the right attire for a company party is never an easy task. On the one hand, you want to express yourself in a way that isn’t austere and strictly corporate, but on the other, your managers and co-workers aren’t really a crowd you go and party with. Today we’d like to present our top 3 outfit choices that will make you look stylish without showing too much leg or skin and making people uncomfortable. These options can also be low-cost if your goal is to go frugal this year, and they complement any shape by accentuating the good parts and hiding the ones us BBW singles aren’t particularly fond of.

1.    Chiffon Dress with Tall Boots

A mid-length chiffon dress that is incredibly breezy and romantic is something your co-workers have likely never seen you in. They’re used to your sharp-looking blazers and perfectly tailored pants, and a chiffon … Read the rest

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