50s Dresses for Women

When it comes to choosing outfits for occasions, women always want the best costume for themselves. Sometimes they prefer to wear what is in Vogue, some prefer to keep it simple and unique.

Do you plan to look different from the previous Halloween? Do you want to take it back to previous decades? Or do you fancy watching old movies, and love some 50s movies?

These costumes are from the 50s inspired by entertainment to movies etc.

Listed below are different 50s dresses you can decide to wear for theme parties for New years, birthdays, or Halloween parties. 

Poodle Skirt Costume

This was a popular skirt in the 50s. Almost all women wore it. They wore it to the office, church, and sometimes to parties. It’s a free large flowing skirt. To bring back memories from the 50s, you can rock this skirt for Halloween. To create the perfect look, you can wear a saddle shoe with it.

Frenchy Costume

For women who want to look younger and sexy, the Frenchy costume is the right outfit for you. The costume will give you that sweet bold Frenchy look. It is very important that your hair is dyed pink or you can wear a pink wig. Be rest assured that you will not go unnoticed at the Halloween party.

Fuzzy Dice Costume

You might have not heard of this until now, but fuzzy Dice has been around since the 50s. It was used during the war period and it symbolizes good luck. You can wear this simple costume with a skirt or a trouser, it depends on how comfortable you feel in them. 

Lucille Ball Costume

A simple and classic 50s costume for women who want to look like a maid, chef, or housewife for Halloween. The inspiration for this Costume was gotten from the popular 50s TV sitcom series I love Lucy.

Marilyn Monroe Costume

You might not have seen a movie she starred in, but one way or the other you must have heard of the famous American actress and model Marilyn Monroe. She was always the center of attraction anywhere she was. You can channel that Marilyn Monroe energy for Halloween by wearing this simple and remarkable white outfit. You will surely be Noticed and admired when people see you in this outfit.

To complete this look you can dye your hair white or wear a white wig.

Flight attendant Costume

You have always wanted to wear a uniform all your life, but your profession does not give you the chance to. This 50s inspired glamorous costume is the best for you. To match this same color skirt suit, you can wear a hand glove with it.

Cinderella Costume

I am sure you will be asking yourself how Cinderella is featuring here, well the first Cinderella cartoon was released in 1950.

You can wear this beautiful Costume for Halloween. Perfect costume for making you look like a princess. Oh, don’t forget to go with your prince charming.

Marilyn Monroe Costume

Do you intend to look breathtaking for Halloween, then this is the best 50s costume you can wear. The sexy Marilyn Monroe white pleated dress made famous by her.