“Luvme U part wig human hair, headband wig human hair, and T part wig”

Luvme U part wig human hair, headband wig human hair, and T part wig

1. U part wig human hair:

U part wig human hair is pretty easy to install because of its unique style. The U-shaped opening in the middle of the U part wig makes the scalp breathe and you can stay relaxed in hot weather. This opening allows us to mix the natural hair with the wig and get a glamorous look with fuller hair. If you’re also intending to buy a U part wig human hair then go at Luvmehair. 

Luvmehair has a wide range of U part wigs that are made of human hair. It’s the most effortless wig to install that gives a natural appearance. You can opt for U part wig human hair for any occasion as it’s available in different styles and types at luvmehair. Must give it a try and get a natural yet flattering look in no time.


Before you purchase U part wig human hair you must consider a few things to make your investment valuable.


Before getting into the purchase of U part wig human hair, you have to make your budget that how much you can invest to get an excellent quality U part wig human hair. Make a budget and get your preferred wig.

Type of wig:

Firstly, you have to decide which type of U part wig human hair you need. Because the U part wig comes with 3 types of opening; middle opening, left opening, and right opening. The opening will be U-shaped so you can make several hairstyles by using the wig. 

Also U part wig human hair comes in different textures like straight, curly, or wavy. You can decide the texture and length of the wig according to your liking. These considerations before purchase surely gonna help you to make a smooth and right purchase of U part wig human hair. 


The color of the U part wig human hair also matters because the U-shaped opening at the U part wig enables you to show your natural hair. So you must go for the color that matches your natural hair for natural appearance otherwise color differences can make the wig look absurd and can be easily detected. Also, you can go for the color that compliments your complexion and resemble your natural hair color.

Type of cap:

U-part wig human hair comes with lace and no lace caps. According to your preference, you can go for any of these but keep in mind that lace caps are expensive yet they are versatile. The lace cap of U part wig human hair offers versatility in styling and looks natural. The non-lace cap isn’t expensive and good for a natural and simple hairstyle.

Make a quality purchase:

To make a quality purchase you have to go to a reputable source and the most reputable source of human hair wigs is Luvmehair. Luvmehair U part wigs are made of virgin human hair that lasts longer and ensures great quality of the product. Buy a U part wig human hair from Luvmehair, you gonna love that.

2. Headband wig human hair:

A headband wig is a chic wig that makes the overall appearance eye catchy. If you’re fond of opting for trends then a headband wig must be your first choice. Headband wig human hair brings a charm to your look and alters your look instantly. The wig is loaded with ample benefits because of the headband. The hot favorite wig is super easy to install and didn’t take much effort and time. Headband wig human hair is ideal for working ladies who wanted to opt for a simple yet trendy look. 

You can buy a premium quality headband wig from Luvmehair. Luvmehair headband wigs are made of human hair that remains long-lasting. Luvmehair promises to deliver quality within your budget so you can flatter the look without any burden. Headband wig human hair from Luvmehair must be your next choice to be an apple of the eye wherever you go.

Storage methods:

If you make a huge investment to get your favorite wig, then you must be aware of the right method to store your wig otherwise improper storage of the wig can decrease its lifespan and thus ruin your investment.  Human hair wigs need more careful maintenance and proper storage to keep them as new and alive. So act responsibly and read this storage guide to store your headband wig human hair to increase the lifespan of the wig. 

Original packing:

Storing the headband wig human hair in its original packing is the safest and most secure method because original packing is designed in a way that keeps your wig away from the factors that can damage the wig. So never throw the original packing of the wig and store your headband wig’s human hair in it to keep the headband secure.

Wig head and stand:

A wig stand or wig head is another safe and sound method that keeps your headband wig human hair in its shape and didn’t damage the headband. A wig stand or wig head is also best to dry the wet headband wig human hair. If a wig head or wig stand didn’t come in your budget then you can go for other options below.

Silk or satin bag:

This soft and smooth material is best to store the wigs in it. Silk and satin bags are within budget and it keeps your headband wig human hair safe and away from dirt. Silk or stain bags are travel friendly and didn’t take much space while carrying out.

Shoe box or carton:

This is the easiest and cheap method to store your headband wig human hair. You can get an empty shoe box or carton to store your headband wig human hair. It will keep your wig away from direct sunlight and dirt. This method also ensures to keep the wig is in its shape without any damage. But don’t keep the storage box in a damp area.

Treat your headband wig human hair like your natural hair. Try out these wig storage methods and tips to increase the lifespan of your expensive wig if you really value your money. 

3. T part wig:

T part wig is a new addition to wigs at Luvmehair. This stylish wig is loaded with features that make it a must-try. The t part wig comes with a T-shaped opening at the front part of the wig cap thus enabling you to show your natural hair and mix them with the wig to create a natural hairline.

Luvmehair T part wig:

Luvmehair t part wig is soft, stylish, and easy to install and care for. It’s available in different textures and colors thus enabling you to choose according to your preference. T part wig comes with a high density of 180 that will keep your ears cozy in cold. It comes with lace that’s 13×5 inches and covers the maximum area from ear to ear.


  • T part wig allows you to go for multiple hairstyles that can be made with a middle parting.
  • T part wig is cost-effective thus it’s a beginner-friendly wig.
  • It can be installed effortlessly so it must be the first choice for any newbie.
  • It has a full front hairline area that looks really like a natural hairline.
  • T part wig covers the area from ear to ear and goes 5 inches from the middle thus allowing you to make a hairstyle that requires middle parting like a ponytail, bun, or top knots.
  • The biggest advantage of a t part wig is that it provides you with a natural hairline because of T shaped frame. If installed properly, no one can detect that you’re wearing a wig.
  • Luvmehair t-part wigs are super lightweight, soft, and comfortable. As it is made of virgin human hair so it can opt for any occasion because looks incredibly natural.

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