5 Great Secrets to a Budget-friendly Wedding

In the modern age of lavish lifestyle, the mere thought of a ‘budget-friendly’ wedding may make many people cringe.

But what if we tell you that you could have a dream, hip wedding without having to bankrupt yourself?

Yes, you heard that right! It’s truly possible if you plan your wedding smartly!

For starters, hiring awedding party rental in Orange County is a sure-fire way of ensuring that you get to enjoy a beautiful, affordable wedding.

Besides that, here are some top secrets to planning an amazing, budget-friendly wedding event.

1. Say No to Guest List Bloat

While you may be tempted or even feel obliged to include everyone in your guest list, it’s never a good idea. Inviting only the people who’re really close to you will not only help you cut down on unnecessary costs but will also make your wedding more intimate.  

Once you’ve prepared a guest list, see if you can cut it down by 20% or perhaps more! If you’re happy with the short guest list, nothing else should matter. 

2. Choose the Location Wisely

Your wedding venue is where you can save up on heaps of money. A stunning location offering picturesque sights doesn’t have to be expensive. Look around you – maybe you or perhaps one of your friends have an amazing backyard or maybe there’s a beautiful public park in your vicinity. An outdoor reception makes for a memorable ceremony – and the wedding photos come out great with nature offering a pretty backdrop.

3. Keep It Simple with the Decorations

Flowers surely do add a major touch of elegance and beauty at weddings but who said you have to spend boatloads of money on them! they’ll die not long after your wedding ceremony. So, it’s better to go minimalistic and have your venue decently decorated.

Using artificial flowers is also a great idea – they’re less expensive and they have a long life. Don’t even get us started on how breathtaking and natural they look at weddings!

4. Buy Your Wedding Dress Off the Rack or On Sale

We know most of you ladies drool over designer gowns but you should know that you can do just as good as those fancy dresses without the crazy price tag.

Visit a few stores with wedding dresses on sale and see if you like something off the rack. Many stores often have a variety of sizes available so you won’t have a problem. As far as bridesmaid dresses are concerned, a unique, budget-friendly idea is to have every bridesmaid wear a dress she already owns – of course in a color of your choice. Take some wedding attire and accessories inspiration and go shopping!

5. Hire a Wedding Rental

Hiring a wedding rental in Orange County is another great way to save massive amounts of money. This doesn’t only save you a lot of hassle and stress of planning the perfect wedding but also relieve those budget woes. Rent your favorite décor elements instead of buying them and let the rental company take care of everything from transporting the goods to creating a cohesive style for your big day.

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