Fake Lashes: How to Apply Them Like a Pro

Fake Lashes: How to Apply Them Like a Pro

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with thick, long eyelashes from the beginning of their lives. When it comes to enhancing your own lashes, mascara can only go so far. False lashes can assist you in creating a dramatic look for your eyes. At first, it can be a little scary to use these tools. They are really addictive once you get the hang of using them properly.

Here are some important dos and don’ts for applying best fake lashes like a pro.

Fake Lashes: How to Apply Them Like a Pro


1) Select the type you prefer.

False eyelashes come in two styles: classic and modern. Individual lashes, which you apply one at a time, or strip lashes, which you apply all at once, are also options. Individual lashes can be a little more difficult to apply and require a little more time. Because of the way they are attached, the strip of lashes will give you a bigger look all along your lash line. These can also be less difficult for beginners.

2) Cut them to fit the available space.

Because the strip lashes are only available in one length, you will need to cut them to make them fit the size of your eye. Hold them up to your lash line without gluing them down first. Small nail scissors can be used to trim the length of your eye to make it more comfortable.

3) Select the Appropriate Adhesive

It is possible that you will need to purchase a different type of eyelash glue than what is included in the box. Consider using a product that dries clear and is powerful. Apply a thin strip of mascara to the lashes, or apply mascara to each individual lash. Wait for the glue to dry for approximately five seconds. Then, on the upper eyelid, apply the lashes directly to your lash line with your finger. Firmly but gently press the button. Then, using a thin line of eyeliner over the lashes and your mascara, create a natural-looking appearance for them.


1) Recycle old products.

You must ensure that your items are clean and sanitary, just like you would with cosmetics. False eyelashes can only be used a couple of times before they need to be replaced. It is also critical to use an adhesive that is no more than a year old. It becomes difficult to work with, and, like the lashes, it can become contaminated with bacteria over time.

2) Don’t go overboard with your makeup.

When using artificial lashes, avoid over-applying makeup to avoid looking blotchy. Your lashes will bring your eyes to the forefront of attention. If you use too much eye shadow, you can end up looking like a spider or a clown. Keep the rest of your makeup simple in order to draw attention to your lashes.

3) Remove the item incorrectly.

It is just as vital to remove your eyelashes correctly as it is to apply them correctly. Make sure to remove them with an eye makeup remover to avoid any irritation. One that contains silicone will make it easier to remove them without hurting your natural lashes. Start at the outer margins of the area and work your way inward using a Q-Tip. By following these simple dos and don’ts, you will be able to achieve those jaw-dropping eyelashes that will have everyone envious of you.

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