Winter Care Tips for Your Precious Locks

Winters are the best time to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee within a cozy blanket. But the cold flowing wind of winters can be harmful to your skin and hair. While most of us are overprotective for our skin in winter and make sure to keep it moisturized, we forget to take care of our hair at all. 

Cold weather can make your hair frizzy and fragile while drying up your scalp and making it flaky. Your hair gets brittle and breaks more in winters. Our hair also needs to be protected the way we protect our body from the cold air of winters. 

But how to take the best care of hair in the winters? Well, we have some effective tips that you can follow to keep your precious locks healthy in the cold winters. 

  • Keep your scalp moisturized 

Dandruff is a common hair problem faced during the winters. The scalp gets flaky, itchy, and irritating. And the problem ultimately leads to hair fall. 

But a hot oil massage can perfectly tackle this common winter problem faced by most of us. Juukseõlid can deeply penetrate the scalp and lock the moisture within to prevent dryness. Oiling your air regularly also boosts blood circulation and deeply nourishes your hair while stimulating faster growth. 

  • Do not wash your hair frequently

Washing your hair frequently with harsh shampoos also washes away their natural oils. This makes your hair look frizzy and dull. If you wish to maintain the luster and softness of your hair, then you must keep a good gap between your hair wash. It is recommended to wash your hair only twice a week. Also, avoid harsh shampoos with sulfate in them.

  • Never skip your conditioner

Conditioners are a must in the winters. Choose a thicker and creamier conditioner for the winter cair of your hair. Conditioner locks the moisture within your hair after the shampoo. It ensures that your hair does not look dull and dry after the hair wash. 

  • Apply hair masks regularly 

Hair masks can be an effective treatment for your hair’s dryness in the winter. They can also offer some extra nourishment to your hair if you choose a good hair mask with appropriate ingredients. 

Applying hair masks with rich ingredients can wonderfully restore the natural shine of your hair and hydrate the follicles deeply. 

  • Keep your hair covered 

The cold wind in winters is really harmful to your hair. The dry air can blow away the natural oils of your hair strand and make them untamable. It is better to keep your hair protected by covering them with a stylish hat or a scarf. 

  • No hot showers 

Hot showers might be very tempting and relaxing for your body but they are very bad for your hair. The hot water can make your hair dry and cause dandruff. However, you can use lukewarm water and lastly some cold water to lock the moisture. 

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